Gaming Plagiarism: TwistedVoxel, GameInfinitus, and Game On Daily

Where’s it all gone?

This post originally had a wealth of evidence proving that the owners of Twisted Voxel are also the owners of Game Infinitus – a website that has been proven to be full of plagiarised content. From reviews to guides, the website was proven to have stolen its content from other websites.

This post originally proved the connection between Twisted Voxel and GameInfinitus. However, after a complaint to the hosting provider, IONOS, by the “CEO” of Twisted Voxel and GameInfinitus, Mr Salal Imtiaz Awan, we have been ordered to remove this post by IONOS, as they claim it violates the law as it contains “offensive” content.

To be clear – all content that was included in the post is widely available online in the public domain.

It doesn’t, but OK. Let’s stay err on the side of caution.

Instead, you may read an amended version on Medium. However, to appease IONOS and its interpretation of the law, I will not be able to link to the post. But a quick Google of “Twisted Voxel” and “plagiarism” will bring up the result you need.

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  1. Interesting, if infuriating read. I can’t stand lazy, classless behaviour like this either. Makes a mockery of peoples hard work. Maybe it’s worth posting this article on Reddit? I’m sure a lot of people on the gaming forums would appreciate knowing about this

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