Hello, We’re Pure Play TV! (As Seen on YouTube!)

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Hello there gorgeous gamers…

If Pure Play TV seems like a familiar name, it’s because you’ve probably heard me blabber the intro a thousand times on the Pure Play TV YouTube channel. You know the one: “Hello there gorgeous gamers and welcome back to Pure Play TV…”

So… why the website? Good question. But do I have a good answer? I don’t know. I do have an answer though!

Pure Play TV (the YouTube channel) originally started out as a YouTube channel for Pure PlayStation – a news and reviews website that I’ve run since 2016. At some point over the last 18 months, I changed the channel’s name to Pure Play TV so that we could cover more than just PlayStation.

The Pure PlayStation team and I all play on various platforms, so having the opportunity to do reviews for those platforms was a great reason to turn the channel into Pure Play TV, to capture every opportunity that comes our way, and to never exclude somebody based on their console preference. That’s the idea, anyway.

Pure Play TV has served as a central hub for our reviews. We’ve got reviews from Pure PlayStation, Core Xbox, and The Games Cabin. Sites that we’re affiliated with will deliver their content to Pure Play TV and we’ll turn it into a lovely video. Or, we’ll go to the site’s we’re friends with and say “hey, we’ve got a piece we can’t publish on Pure PlayStation, can we share it on your site” and they’ll say “hell yeah” and everybody is happy. So if you see our videos embedded on other sites, don’t be surprised, but do tell us if they’re on some shady looking sites… That’s not good. We only partner with sites that we trust, and as of today, June 28th, 2021, that is Pure PlayStation, Core Xbox, and The Games Cabin.

What are we doing here then?

Nothing lasts forever. The Games Cabin, as mentioned earlier, was actually my very first website that I started all the way back in 2012. I closed the site in 2016 to focus on Pure PlayStation and this year I sold The Games Cabin to a friend, and now we work together.

Pure PlayStation may not be around forever, so I wanted a place to catalogue our video reviews and a place where future reviews can find a home if Pure PlayStation gets sold off. Prosperity, you know? And it’s good for the Pure Play TV channel to have its own webspace off of YouTube.

What you can expect from PurePlayTV.com

Every time a new video goes up on our YouTube channel, whether it’s a trailer, a review, a preview, or a silly listicle, you’ll find a post here with the video embedded.

We might even produce some original writing here on Pure Play TV, though I can’t be sure. The site, at the time of writing, is about an hour old and I’ve not really planned out much more than getting this greeting post up. I wonder if anybody will read it? Who knows…

Anyway, that’s that. Pure Play TV now has a website. We’ll share our stuff here. Enjoy! ­čÖé

Chris and the PPTV Team

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