Rhythm n’ Bullets PSVR Review

rhythm n bullets

Hello there gorgeous gamers… We’ve got our review for Rhythm n’ Bullets Definitive Edition for PSVR.

Rhythm n’ Bullets for PSVR is a solid starship shooter that takes inspiration from the old days of gaming with its wire-frame design. It’s cool, fun, but difficult to master.

You’ll need two PS Move wand controllers to play as well as a PSVR headset – this is a VR-only game, after all.

The tracking is decent enough and I never had any problem moving my little gunners around to shoot the colourful enemies. Likewise, moving the little starships through the oncoming hail of bullets was very cool and the tracking didn’t falter.

You can watch the full review in the video below or you can read the review over on Pure PlayStation.

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Rhythm n’ Bullets PSVR Video Review

Rhythm n' Bullets PSVR Review

Rhythm n' Bullets PSVR Review
70 100 0 1
Total Score

The Good

  • Fun, challenging gameplay
  • Awesome graphics
  • The music fits the game nicely
  • Endless mode is good fun

The Bad

  • Overwhelming at times with lots to remember
  • Enemies can sometimes be hard to spot
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