Rust Console Edition Video Review

rust console edition review

Hello there gorgeous gamers, we’ve got a review for you and it’s for Rust Console Edition.

Rust Console Edition is a port of the famed PC survival game, though it is completely custom-built for consoles. You won’t be able to play with PC players and there will be missing features. But is it any good? You’ll have to watch the video down below to find out. Or skip down to the bottom of the page for the score, but why would you do that when there’s a lovely video sitting in front of you? Madness…

If you want to read the full review instead of watching, you can go and read the original words over on Pure PlayStation.

Rust Console Edition Video Review

Rust Console Edition Review

Rust Console Edition
50 100 0 1
Total Score

The Good

  • Smooth experience on PS5, despite not being officially optimised
  • Lots of servers with custom server support coming soon
  • Challenging survival loop that rewards the hardiest of players

The Bad

  • Very steep learning curve
  • Hours of progress can be lost by one unfortunate death
  • Doesn't play great on PS4/PS4 Pro
User Review
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