Timothy vs. the Aliens Nintendo Switch Review

timothy vs. the aliens switch review

Hello there gorgeous gamers. Here’s our Timothy vs. the Aliens review for Nintendo Switch.

Wild Sphere is back for another bite of the apple by re-releasing Timothy vs. the Aliens, though this time it’s for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game was originally released back in 2018 for the PS4 and it was critically panned for being generally quite poor. Has anything changed? Not really.

This re-release on Nintendo Switch is possibly even worse than the original that released three years ago on PS4, though the PC version should be a little better when it comes to performance.

The Switch version is going for the cinematic look with its black and white presentation, complete with letterbox borders. The game even goes down to the very cinematic 24fps. Fantastic…

Nobody was asking for Timothy vs. the Aliens to release on Nintendo Switch, and nobody will be sad to see it fly under the radar again. Watch the video below for the full review.

Timothy vs. the Aliens Nintendo Switch Review

Timothy vs. the Aliens Nintendo Switch Review
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The Good

  • Nice ideas and story setting
  • The music is really good

The Bad

  • Poor presentation, both artistically and technically
  • Gameplay is frustrating with inaccurate controls - why isn't there gyro aiming?
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